Iran Project Monthly Meeting, Tuesday, July 30, 1:30 PM, Albany Friends Meeting.

July 30, 2019 @ 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Albany Friends Meetinghouse
727 Madison Avenue
Albany NY

Pompeo, Don’t Iraq Iran!

Monitor the situation of increasing tension between the US and Iran and the new breaking of the uranium and uranium enrichment parts of the JCPOA.  Check back in about US efforts to squeeze Iran’s economy even further and prevent it from exporting any oil with unilateral sanctions.

Continue efforts to highlight the dangers of the maximum pressure the US including the most recent seizure of an Iranian tanker by Britain and what that might mean. Do we want to leaflet and vigil at the I Love NY Food Fest, Wednesday, August 7th.?

Follow the latest congressional legislation on stopping arms sales to Saudi Arabia, ending US military and intelligence support to the war in Yemen and preventing the president from unilaterally using military support against Iran.