Iran Project planning meeting, Tuesday, January 16, 1:30 PM

January 16, 2018 @ 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM
Albany Friends Meetinghouse
727 Madison Ave
Albany, NY 12208

The “Fantastic Five” Mabel, Kate, Sue, Fran and Pat, photo by Wendy Dwyer

Last Iran Project meeting before our meeting with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s staff person, Anika Verma, on Thursday, January 25th at 1 PM for half an hour.

We will need to clarify how the current protests in Iran might affect the presentations about the JCPOA and our relationship with Iran and to also take into account what president trump does about certification of the nuclear deal on January 13th as well.  It will also be important to choose an order of presentation of topics and to have a timekeeper and introductions (either self identification or a formal introduction of each person at the outset of the meeting.)

And in the remaining time we may want to bring each other up to date on new details about weapons sales to Saudi Arabia  and the new breakout of diphtheria in Yemen as well as possible on the ground escalation of US involvement in Yemen.