What Is Women Against War?

Women Against War brings together Capital District women to work for peace. We advocate for changed US foreign policies through lobbying, leafleting, vigils, media outreach & educational events.

Women Against War offers speakers, demonstrations, and exhibits throughout the year. One of the WAW project groups, Grannies for Peace, holds annual vigils or demonstrations on Valentines Day (“war breaks Grannies hearts”), Mothers Day, and Veterans Day. The Iran project group advocates for negotiations with Iran by handing out leaflets, lobbying our legislators, and vigiling and leafleting with banners and photos of Iranians, at the popular August food festival at the Empire State Plaza in Albany. These are just examples of WAW’s busy schedule. Please join us!

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Free Yard/window/vigil signs are available from Women Against War. They can be picked up from the back porch of the Albany Friends Meeting House, 727 Madison Ave., Albany NY.Women Against War yard sign, 2015-2016

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Stop Ramstein petition photoAs part of Women Against War’s co-sponsorship of this campaign to close Ramstein Air Base in Germany, (a relay station that makes US drone strikes possible in many parts of the world), we’re posting this request to sign the petition.

The petition is scheduled to be delivered to the German government in Berlin by U.S. drone whistleblowers in a presentation sponsored by RootsAction.org, in coordination with a conference organized by World Beyond War. The petition will also be delivered to the U.S. government in Washington.

You can see more about the co-sponsors who include many anti-weaponized drone groups and other peace and justice groups on the petition signing page itself.

Here are some links to background information about just what Ramstein represents:

Jeremy Scahill, The Intercept: “Germany Is the Tell-Tale Heart of America’s Drone War”

A War Waged From German Soil: US Ramstein Base Key in Drone Attacks

Law suit to stop illegal US Drone Warfare via Ramstein satellite relay stations

You’re needed now to be part of a global outcry to close the Ramstein Air Base, the giant U.S. Air Force facility in Germany. Please join with people around the world to sign  a just-launched petition urging closure of that key base for endless war — now causing terror and carnage with drones and other airborne assaults in many countries.

Ramstein Air Base’s crucial role in relaying signals for drone strikes “is binding the United States and Germany in an unconscionable program for extrajudicial killings,” the petition says. And “Ramstein is also central to many other military aspects of the ‘war on terror’ that continues to have such profoundly negative consequences in many nations.”

To quickly become part of this worldwide petition campaign, click here

The petition — addressed to Chancellor Merkel, President Obama, the German Bundestag and the U.S. Congress — will be presented in Berlin and Washington.

Please sign our new global petition to close the Ramstein Air Base  — a vital step toward moving the world away from nonstop war.

You’ll be in just and peaceful company!