What Is Women Against War?

Women Against War brings together Capital District women to work for peace. We advocate for changed US foreign policies through lobbying, leafleting, vigils, media outreach & educational events.

Women Against War offers speakers, demonstrations, and exhibits throughout the year. One of the WAW project groups, Grannies for Peace, holds annual vigils or demonstrations on Valentines Day (“war breaks Grannies hearts”), Mothers Day, and Veterans Day. The Iran project group advocates for negotiations with Iran by handing out leaflets, lobbying our legislators, and vigiling and leafleting with banners and photos of Iranians, at the popular August food festival at the Empire State Plaza in Albany. These are just examples of WAW’s busy schedule. Please join us!

During the Coronavirus Pandemic we have been avoiding public meetings, events, speakers, and other situations where people gather in indoor groups.  For the time being our annual gathering is postponed and our project meetings are conducted by phone conference or online meetings.  If you want more information about those online or phone project meetings you can email us at info@womenagainstwar.org.


PLEASE JOIN US On Friday, April 8th at 11 am

On Friday, April 8th, at 11 AM, women will stand in silence, dressed in black, on the State Street steps up to the Legislative Office Building  (198 State St., Albany) – in solidarity with our sisters in Ukraine and around the world calling for peace. All women who share our concern are invited to join us.

Women Against War standing in 2002 to prevent the war in Iraq. Credit; Times Union Archives

One  member of Women Against War will speak for us all:

  • We will demand that Russia withdraw its troops and respect the sovereignty of Ukraine.
  • We will demand that our government encourage peace negotiations by public commitment to:
  • Continued rejection of a no-fly zone
  • No NATO expansion
  • Recognition of Ukraine as a neutral country
  • An off-ramp for lifting sanctions on Russia
  • Support for banning missiles in Ukraine
  • Support for an international security agreement to protect the interests of all people on the European continent to remain free from war and occupation
  • Humanitarian aid to Ukraine and support for Ukrainian refugees

   Please RSVP by Monday, April 4th that you will join us, to help our planning, but you can join up to the last minute!  RSVP to cavanauca3@gmail.com

   Please arrive by 10:40 AM to organize our arrangement on the stairs.

The media is invited for 11 AM.

  • We’ll wear all black under our coats, which we’ll remove, if not black, briefly and stack on provided chairs for a group photo (unless it’s pouring).
  • Women will stand on the steps. Men and children allies will be welcome observers.
  • Signs and banners will be provided.
  • Masks will be a personal choice.

Sponsored by Women Against War ( www.WomenAgainstWar.org )


Love in the time of Coronavirus. Drawing by Liz Donnelly

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