Grannies for Peace – Past Activities

Grannies for Peace

Nov 1, 2012 Our Pieces of Peace, inspiring evening of poetry, music, puppetry, art & stories.

Grannies for PeaceMay 12, 2012 Merchants of Death March and Vigil at Tulip Festival, focusing on US corporations that profit from war.

Grannies for Peace

Feb 14, 2012 No More Wars, No More Wounded: Valentine’s Day Demonstration at the VA Hospital

Oct 15, 2011 Death, Destruction and Debt. Grannies vigil on Henry Johnson Bridge with coffin and large $1.25 trillion Debt Box to protest the cost of the Afghan War at end of its 10th year, before joining in multi-group anniversary commemoration.

Grannies-9May 7, 2011 Bring Our Troops & War Dollars Home. Bearing a coffin and dressed in black, Grannies march through the Tulip Festival, grieving with the mothers and grandmothers of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya, and Gaza who have lost children to warfare.

March 17, 2011 Grannies delegation to Senator Schumer’s office to demand cuts in the military budget, withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan and opposition to drone warfare.

Grannies for PeaceFeb 14, 2011 Grannies march through Colonie Center shopping mall singing peace songs and vigil outside calling for an end to funding for Afghan War.

October 16, 2010 Nine Years is Enough – End Afghan War Now. Afghan war anniversary

May 8, 2010 War Breaks Grannies’ Hearts vigil and singing at Tulip Festival on Mother’s Day Weekend.

February 14, 2010 War Breaks Grannies Hearts Fifth Annual Valentine’s Day Demonstration in front of Colonie Center, following march through the shopping mall singing Give Peace a Chance.

September 9, 2009 Pinwheels for Peace: Grandparents’ Day celebration with children. 

May 9, 2009 Diplomacy – Not Bombs! Mother’s Day Tulip Festival Vigil

April 2009:  Community & Campus Speaking Visit of Joan Wile and Barbara Walker from Grandmothers Against the War in NYC.

2007-2009 Grannies promote alternatives to military recruitment, donating resources to school libraries and leafleting at high schools.

February 2009 Civilian Deaths Break Our Hearts: Valentine’s Day Vigil on Western Avenue.

Sept 9, 2008  Flowers & Flags for Peace:  Grandparents Day Celebration with Children

May 9, 2008 Grannies Cook Peace Soup at Tulip Festival on Mother’s Day Weekend, with ingredients – diplomacy, development and disarmament.

Feb 14 2008: Prevent Wars: War Wounds Break Hearts -Valentine’s Day Vigil at VA Hospital

July 31, 2007 Vigil in front of VA Hospital calling for adequate health and mental health care for vets, followed by a series of advocacy meetings with VA staff. 

May 2007: Stand in the Park for Peace vigilat the Tulip Festival on Mother’s Day weekend

April 18, 2007: No More Taxes for Iraq: Grannies Peace Vigil

April 2007: Grannies Protest War’s Contribution to Global Warming at Step It Up

Feb 2007 Reverse the Surge: Grannies Recruit for Peace. Grannies try to talk to military recruiters at Colonie Center about the need for peace-making recruits and vigil outside.

Jan 18, 2007: 100 Grannies Visit 100 Senators: Linking with sister grannies across the country to lobby Senators, visit offices of Senators Schumer and Clinton to demand a repeal of the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act, the closing of Guantanamo, and funds for true reconstruction in Iraq – with a well attended media conference afterwards.

May 6, 2006: No Attack on Iranian Mothers and Children. Grannies hand out fliers at Tulip Festival on Mother’s Day weekend. 

Feb 14, 2006 Take Us Instead! Valentine’s Day Demonstration. The first Grannies for Peace action – at the Colonie Center military recruiting office. See Metroland story on the event.