Grannies for Peace and other community members join the Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace at an anti-racism vigil on Monday, June 22nd at the 4 Corners

On Monday, June 22, 2015 Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace added the theme of Black Lives Matter and ending racially motivated violence to their weekly Monday vigil at the 4 Corners in Delmar.  Since Grannies for Peace had our large and wonderful banners and our “Racism Breaks Grannies’ Hearts” signs  from the Tulip Festival vigil we decided to join them in this vigil timed to honor the 9 members of the Emanuel Mother Church slain by a racist gunman in Charleston, South Carolina.

Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace has a regular anti-war, pro justice rally every Monday evening from 5 PM to 6 PM and people are always welcome to join them for a few minutes or for the whole hour.

Grannies two banners at June 22 vigil at Delaware Avenue and Kenwood, photo by Mabel LeonBecause people arrived and left at different times it was difficult to estimate the number of participants but from the photos I counted at least 25 people from Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace, Grannies for Peace, MoveOn, and others from the Capital District peace and justice community.

BNP vigil corner of Delaware Avenue, photo by Mabel LeonMoveOn and Grannies with a visiting skateboarder.  Photo by Mabel Leon MoveOn people and Grannies on Delaware Avenue, photo by Mabel LeonTo avoid the brightly shining sun we occupied three of the 4 corners of Delaware and Kenwood Avenues with signs, banners and our passion for change. The response from drivers and passengers traveling home during drive time was very positive.BNP group plus Pat later in the vigil, June 22nd. Photo by Mabel LeonAll photos except the one with Mabel in it were taken by Mabel Leon, our activist photographer. Mabel  also brought the Black Lives Matter banner and some of the neck signs made by Kim Kennedy.  Many of the BNP members and other community members had signs of their own.

The rest of this article will consist of more photos of the vigil. Click on an individual photo to enlarge it.

Second early BNP group, Black Lives MatterKenwood Avenue, BNP vigil Black Lives Matter, photo by Mabel LeonHarry, Mabel, Bertha and Candaice with Black Lives Matter banner.  Photo by Joe LombardoEnd Racism Now, Delaware Avenue, photo by Mabel LeonCandaice with one of the Grannies neck signs.  Photo by Mabel LeonBNP vigil against racism, Monday June 22, 4 Corners, Delmar.  Photo by Mabel LeonBlack Lives Matter with skateboarding young man.  Photo by Mabel Leon