Local demonstration to end the wars, Saturday March 21st from 1 PM to 2 PM, photos by Mabel Leon. With a Facebook link to other excellent photos by Jeanne Finley and Jon Flanders

Women Against War  co-sponsored a local demonstration to support the national demonstrations, events and meetings in Washington DC.Those events took place from March 18th through March 21st. With the large demonstration held on March 21st.

Joe Lombardo speaking at the Washington DC demonstration, March 21st

Joe Lombardo speaking at the Washington DC demonstration, March 21st, photo by Phil Wilayto

On March 21st, peace activists around the country held demonstrations protesting the US endless war-making, timed to coincide with the start of the Iraq invasion in 2003. In Washington, DC, a protest in front of the White House and a march to the Capitol on the 21st completed several days of teach-ins and lobbying. For more information about what took place in Washington DC  from Wednesday March 18 through Saturday, March 21 you can follow this link.

SPRING RISINGThe Capital District Anti-War Demonstrations

Sat, Mar 21- PLEASE COME! Snow or No Snow!

Albany: 1-2 PM  Wolf Rd & Central Ave

Saratoga Springs: 12-1 in front of the Saratoga Post Office, 475 Broadway


  The protest goals were to increase opposition to endless wars and militarism.  In particular to US military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan & Syria, as well as US drone attacks and surveillance worldwide. Spring Rising also advocated the closure of US military bases overseas, the dismantling of the US nuclear arsenal, the demilitarization of police forces and a halt to their targeting of minority communities. It also focused on increased understanding of and resistance to US military operations’ acceleration of climate chaos.

SPRING RISING has been endorsed by numerous national and local groups including Code Pink, UNAC, Veterans for Peace and Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

Here in the Capital District, our March 21st demonstrations were co-sponsored by Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace, Grannies for Peace, Justice Committee of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Albany, Masjid As-Salam, Muslim Solidarity Committee,  Palestinian Rights Committee, Peace Action, Project SALAM, Saratoga Peace Alliance, Southern Rensselaer Neighbors for Peace, and Women Against War.

IMG_7016 photo with Sue Clark, March 21, 2015, by Mabel Leon

Photo by Mabel Leon

Here is a link to some fine photos taken by Jeanne Finley and posted on her Facebook Page:

March 21, 2015, Photo by Jeanne Finley

March 21, 2015, Photo by Jeanne Finley

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I also posted an album of pics on my FB page (and I guess Hazel put it on the WAW FB page too)

Anyone can use that link.


Mark and Mabel, photo by Jeanne Finley

Mark and Mabel, photo by Jeanne Finley

More photos in an album from local activist photographer, Jon Flanders as well:

War is not the answer, photo by Jon Flanders

photo by Jon Flanders

Mabel Leon took some excellent photos. She reports that there were 42 local peace activists from many of the sponsoring groups.  Other local peace activists traveled to Washington DC to take part in the demonstrations there.IMG_6993Central Avenue vigil, March 21, 2015

IMG_6997 (5) End Endless War

_MG_6941March 21st vigil to end warIMG_7007 March 21, 2015, photo by Mabel Leon_MG_6963 March 21st vigil with Grannies signs, photo by Mabel Leonimage001_MG_6956, March 21, 2015 vigil in Colonie, phot by Mabel Leonimage003IMG_6995 March 21st vigil, photo by Mabel LeonIMG_7012 March 21, 2015, photo by Mabel LeonIMG_7013, March 21, 2015, photo by Mabel Leonimage002