Mother’s Day 2007

Satnd in Park M Day 4 Marcia (2) croppedThank you to all who attended our Stand in the Park for Peace event on Saturday, May 12th!

Grannies, Mothers, & Daughters joined together in a silent vigil at Albany’s Washington Park Tulip Festival. The group continued to expand until there were between 70 and 80 women. We did wonderfully at maintaining a strong and moving silence.

Stand in Park M Day 7 Joyce (2) croppedThis silent vigil took place in a number of cities & towns across the US, as well as in 70 countries throughout the world! It was inspired by the book,
The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering, by Sharon Mehdi

But Silence is Not Enough: For all our children’s sake, wage peace…
Express your desire for peace in the world…
Voice your outrage that we continue to wage war in foreign lands…
Show your community and government that you stand for peaceful solutions…
Gather with like-minded individuals in a spirit of love and harmony…

Stand in Park M Day Joyce 9Following the hour-long silent vigil, women spread out in pairs throughout the park, distributing leaflets about the event.

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Silent Vigil

As we Stand in the Park for Peace from 1-2 PM, we are part of a Standing Women’s Global Village in 70 countries, on every continent, this weekend. We stand as a positive demonstration of our deep impulse to do what we can toward a better future for our children, grandchildren and the seven generations beyond.

  • As we stand, we can acknowledge that we are the ones who can create the positive future we seek.
  • In silence, we can invite our own deep wisdom, so that we may model the kind and gentle world that we seek for our children.
  • We can notice how it feels to be with all those who stand with us.
  • In follow-up conversations, we can take note of the visions and actions that arise for us and others.

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Mother’s Day 2006

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALeafleting to Prevent War against Iran

A dozen Women Against War members celebrated Mother’s Day 2006 by handing out fliers at the annual Tulip Festival celebration in Albany’s Washington Park.

Decked out in pink and wearing signs saying No Attack on Iranian Mothers and Children and Mothers’ Day for Peace, the leafleters were warmly received by almost all. Friendly “Happy Mother’s Day” greetings seemed to lower barriers, reaching many new people.Mother's Day 2006

1000 fliers were distributed in the first 45 minutes, with a Mothers’ Day Quiz about Iran on one side and a statement of concern about the moral tragedy of war on the other.

The event’s success led to a leafleting campaign at community festivals throughout the summer of 2006.

Mother's Day 2006

Mother's Day 2006Mother’s Day 2005
Op-Ed in the 
Albany Times Union

On Saturday, May 7.2005, the Albany Times Union carried an eloquent Op-Ed piece by Judith Fetterley, Women Against War activist and professor emeritus of English and Women’s Studies at the University at Albany: War is Not the Answer for Mothers.

Another useful resource: Julia Ward Howe’s Mother’s Day Proclamation, 1870